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Individual & Couples Therapy

“With strategies from the latest psychological research, we create awareness and take active steps to resolve the blockages that are currently holding you back. Together, we create the change you long for.”

– Manda Rydberg

If you want to change your external environment, you need to start by mapping your internal environment. CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is a psychotherapeutic treatment method focusing on the interaction between your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Psychological and neuroscientific research has shown that during early childhood (about 0-7 years) we install the “program” that forms the basis of the thoughts, behaviors and emotions that will subconsciously shape the rest of our lives. CBT and more specifically Schema therapy is a tool for raising awareness and changing this autopilot that generates results we may not want today. With concrete strategies taken from the latest psychological research, I help individuals and organizations to achieve change here and now.

Therapy is helpful if youre looking to:

• Identify and resolve blockages that are holding you back.
• Understand your behavior & why certain situations / relationships are repeated.
• Change how you react in different situations.
• Reduce anxiety, worry and negative thoughts.
• Increase your self-esteem and / or self-confidence.
• Find out what is blocking your development and achieve your goals.
• Get rid of unwanted behaviors.
• Create energy & increased zest for life.
• Get stress management strategies and slow down (correct use of words?) fatigue.
• Create healthy relationships.
• Achieve your full potential.


Lyssna på när Manda introducerar KBT i Närvaropodden